Chinese researchers study deep-sea organisms through in situ experiments

Qingdao, June 29 (Xinhua) – Chinese marine scientists aboard a scientific research vessel conducted in situ experiments on the high seas to clarify the mechanism of adaptation of deep-sea organisms to the extreme environment.

According to the Institute of Oceanography, which belongs to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS), the Chinese scientific research vessel Kexue (Science) recently carried out a maritime test using its own equipment, and recently in Qingdao, in the Shandong Province, in eastern China. Referred to.

In a previous experiment, IOCAS researcher Wang Minxiao said that samples of deep water were sent to laboratories whose physiological activity had changed due to sudden changes in pressure, temperature and temperature. other chemical environments. Scientists have been unable to accurately assess the actual process of underwater life.

IOCAS scientists, supported by research vessel equipment, will build an underwater experimental platform on the seabed, conduct in situ experiments, and provide a solid basis for clarifying the adaptation mechanism of organisms. of deep water in extreme environments. I built it.

In the probe’s mission, the deep-water landers continuously detected multiple target objects over a long period of time, including cold seepage fluids, natural gas hydrates, and native carbonate rocks near the vents. Preliminary results indicate that microorganisms are involved in transmutation between the deep lithosphere of the Earth, the hydrosphere near the bottom and the dark biosphere.

The data and samples obtained from the experiments will help answer key questions such as the composition of the deepwater food chain, the flow of carbon and deepwater carbon sinks, and the origin of life.

Chinese researchers study deep-sea organisms through in situ experiments

Chinese researchers study deep-sea organisms through in situ experiments

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