COP26: How the UK started the climate crisis

Last month, the journal Nature published an article calculate what it means. “To account for a 50% probability of limiting warming to 1.5 ° C … by 2050, we find that almost 60% of petroleum and fossil methane, and 90% of coal must remain not extracted “, conclude the authors. …

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Largest ever underwater eruption spawns new volcano

Largest ever underwater eruption spawns new volcano On May 10, 2018, seismic rumbles began between the rifts in East Africa and Madagascar, culminating in a magnitude 5.8 earthquake five days later. Shortly after, researchers learned that a volcanic event had occurred 50 kilometers off the east coast of the French …

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Bangladesh needs rules on odorized LPG

The explosion in Moghbazar at a mosque in Narayanganj and numerous fires and explosions at homes and other establishments have raised concerns about the use of different gases. Usually, other countries have regulations on the use of odorants to identify leaks in pipes or cylinders. Bangladesh does not have such …

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