Spinoffs could help unlock lithium industry for Alberta

Reading time: 4 minutes Alberta’s oil and gas fields could be in store for another natural resource boom thanks to University of Alberta-based lithium mining technology with the ability to unlock the growing metal. more valuable. Dan Alessi Faculty of Science geochemist Dan Alessi, professor in the Department of Earth …

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What is plate tectonics? | Tectonic plates

From the deepest ocean trench to the highest mountain, plate tectonics explains the characteristics and movement of the Earth’s surface in the present and the past. Developed from the 1950s to the 1970s, the theory of plate tectonics is the modern update of continental drift, an idea first proposed by …

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Deep Pahala Earthquake Swarm Update

(BIVN) – From this week Volcano watch article written by scientists and affiliates of the US Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory: Many people in Kaʻū have noticed the swarm of earthquakes in recent years. These earthquakes occur in an area that is 29 to 40 km (18 to 25 miles) …

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