Hydrogen enrichment after fusion in the oceanic lithosphere

Abstract The wide range of H2The O contents recorded in the minerals of the exhumed mantle rocks have been difficult to interpret, as they often record a combination of melting, metasomatism and diffusion processes in spatially isolated samples. Here we determine the temporal variations of H2O content in pyroxenes from …

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Is carbon the “culture” of the future?

Growing awareness and concern for the environment, changes in government policy, America’s return to the Paris Agreement and high demand for carbon offsets all indicate an appetite for another type of agricultural crop – carbon. “There has been growing discussion of how to create a way for farmers to earn …

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Conscious Mode – OrissaPOST

Iit’s not just what you eat that kills the earth and all of its inhabitants. This is also what you wear. Every time you buy an item of clothing, you are making a choice between the biosphere and the lithosphere. The biosphere is an agricultural area where cotton, flax (from …

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