Reservoir watches feature WWII comic book heroes and a tribute to the 356 Speedster

The French watchmaking house Reservoir divides its watches into marine, aeronautic and automotive categories. The watches are inspired by dials and gauges found in cockpits, on instrument panels or on some kind of diving equipment. And they all share a common theme of a retrograde minute hand sweeping across the …

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A visual and scientific history of water from

image: Water cover seen Following Credit: MIT PRESS Water is so pervasive in our lives that it’s easy to take it for granted. The average American uses ninety gallons of water a day; almost all the liquids we come across are primarily water – milk, for example, contains 87 percent …

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Trace the points that led to the Amazon tipping point

Scientifically, it is indisputable that the Amazon is on the way to ceasing to become a tropical forest. The “lungs of the earth” which store some 200 billion tonnes of carbon now emit more carbon than they capture, accelerating climate change which is further damaging the forest. Mysterious forest soils …

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