WonderWorks unveils new STEM exhibit in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH – A new interactive exhibit focusing on the layers of Earth’s “spheres” opened at WonderWorks Panama City Beach on April 2. “We are delighted with this new exhibit which will help us better understand the planet,” said Michael Walsingham, Managing Director, in a press release. “Our mission …

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Gresham Yacht Design’s Hydrosphere Glass Lift

There is now a whole new way to explore the depths of the sea thanks to the concept of Gresham Yacht Design called “Hydrosphere”. The new concept was recently unveiled and will transform any luxury yacht into an underwater aquarium allowing you to create your own personal aquarium experience without …

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Designing livable cities for our future climate

Imagine looking up from your desktop at a mini monarch butterfly sanctuary. You walk the halls of the building where a cool breeze is sucked in from outside and stroll through the lush green park built on the roof of your metro station to bring the train home. An office …

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