North Devon Biosphere Launches Nature Restoration Declaration

The North Devon Biosphere has launched an ambitious new nature recovery plan as a contribution to tackling the ecological emergency here in North Devon, aligning with the government’s 25-year environmental plan and l Prime Minister’s pledge to protect 30% of UK land by 2030.. Join the individuals, organizations, councils and …

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Even Noah would be amazed

A feature-length BBC News television report from July 16, 2021, titled “Catastrophic flooding across Western Europe as politicians blame climate change”, showed the devastation caused by the massive and rapid flooding in the region. Western Europe at the confluence of the borders of Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg during the …

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Space rice fuels new space race: China is getting serious

In two quick swipes, China has shown that it takes its space agriculture projects very seriously. After harvesting its first batch of “space rice” that went to the moon, China is also distributing lunar soil samples to research institutes to assess lunar habitability. The return capsule of the Chinese probe …

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