Juno probe provides first 3D view of Jupiter’s atmosphere

NASA’s Juno probe provided better insight into Jupiter’s atmosphere. Researchers have produced the first 3D view of Jupiter’s atmospheric layers, showing how its turbulent clouds and storms work in more detail than ever before. In particular, the behavior of cyclones and anticyclones is clearer. They are much larger than expected, …

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Non-thermal atmospheric plasma stimulates new bone formation in critical bone defects in animal model – sciencedaily

Recent technological innovations that have made it possible to generate room temperature and room atmosphere plasma in so-called non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma (NTAPP) have given Japanese scientists the opportunity to apply the therapeutic properties of this “fourth state of matter”. to bone regeneration. In a study published in PLOS ONE, …

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Researchers Studying Planetary Atmospheres Reveal New Information About Saturn-Like Exoplanet | NSF

Research News Researchers studying planets’ atmospheres reveal new information about Saturn-like exoplanet Atmospheric temperature and winds of the exoplanet are much higher than previous estimates A graphic of iron rain falling on the exoplanet WASP-76b October 19, 2021 A team of international researchers has discovered that the flaming exoplanet known …

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