Blue fireball shooting through Colorado sky on film

Less than a week after many people reported seeing a fireball on the east coast, another was spotted in Colorado that looked brighter as it lit up the blue night sky. The American Meteor Society said it had received 50 reports from people in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico who …

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Our atmosphere is changing. And it makes the earth darker

New research reveals climate change is making Earth less reflective, according to article published iin the review Geophysical research letters. “The reflectance of the Earth is a fundamental climatic parameter that we measured from the Big Bear Solar Observatory between 1998 and 2017 by observing the brightness of the earth …

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Relaxed atmosphere at Valley Commons | Economic news

Kyla Richey and Rudy Verhoeff are enjoying this shoulder season. “It was a mad rush for us to open for the Labor Day long weekend, so we’re now taking advantage of that slightly slower pace to taste wine with people and introduce them to the Valley Commons brand,” said Richey, …

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