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Boston Scientific announced on August 15, 2022 that it had acquired Obsidio, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Obsidio has a technology called Gel Embolic Material (GEM™), which is used in minimally invasive embolization of blood vessels. According to its press release, Boston Scientific intends to expand its interventional oncology and embolization portfolios.

An embolization treatment procedure uses a material to obstruct or reduce blood flow through a blood vessel. Treatment can be used to stop bleeding, to stabilize malformations of blood vessels, or to reduce blood flow to tumors, which are often highly vascularized.

Founded in 2019, Obsidio initially sought to commercialize technology related to NIH-funded research in hemorrhage control and aneurysm treatment. Obsidio subsequently obtained FDA approval for GEM™ on July 1, 2022, claiming equivalence with Biosphere Medical’s EmboCube™ embolization gelatin. According to Obsidio, GEM™ is a semi-solid composed of bioresorbable gelatin, layered silicate, and tantalum powder. The material is delivered to a target vessel via a catheter. As a semi-solid, the material is meant to conform to the shape of the target vessel. Additionally, GEM™ is meant to be shipped in a ready-to-use form, which Boston Scientific says can save preparation time compared to other embolization materials.

Boston Scientific is a multinational biomedical engineering company. In 2021, Boston Scientific spent more than $4 billion on five acquisitions. Obsidio is the second of Boston Scientific’s 2022 acquisitions, the other being a $230 million deal for Synergy Innovation’s majority stake in MITech, a developer of a conformable self-expanding metal stent called HANAROSTENT®.

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