Bi-monthly collections of “more ecological” bins

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Plans to reduce Douglas bin collections from weekly to bi-monthly are being put in place “to protect the environment”.

This is the latest from Douglas Council which says the changes will be introduced this summer and run alongside the existing recycling scheme and a new garden waste disposal service.

The council said that while the changes will save around £25,000 a year, the main driver is not financial but environmental.

A spokesperson said it was to encourage Douglas residents to “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

The changes have been criticized on social media, with some saying they will encourage fly tipping and lead to overflowing bins.

Some residents called for a reduction in rates to reflect the reduction in service while others welcomed the move saying it will force people to reduce waste and increase recycling.

The Chair of the Environment and Regeneration Committee, Councilor Falk Horning, said: “As a UNESCO biosphere partner on the Isle of Man, the Council is committed to strengthening its credentials environment and to encourage responsible behavior in terms of waste management.

“The changes we are introducing will support good behavior.”

Details on Douglas Council’s new yard waste disposal service:

  • It starts this summer, then runs between February and October.
  • All eligible households will receive a 240 liter wheelie bin for garden waste.
  • One month after the establishment of the green waste service, the fortnightly garbage collection service will begin.
  • Accepted items will include grass and hedge cuttings, leaves, twigs and small branches, herbivorous pet bedding, cut flowers, plants and weeds.

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