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Florida is a dream. Bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the sunny state enjoys an always pleasant climate, even in winter. This must-see and popular US destination is bordered by a coastal stretch that stretches 1,327 kilometers. Florida is the fourth most populous state in the United States. Miami, the densest city in the region, is arguably the most attractive to vacationers. With its many seaside resorts, we understand why the biggest celebrities spend their summer there. Everyone will find what they are looking for in this wonderful city where fun and adventure are essential.

Miami, the Art Deco city

Thanks to its popularity, the city of Miami has conquered the seventh art. Movies like Miami Vice or Casino Royale can attest to this. The city is famous for worshiping money! Both real and virtual casinos are popular with tourists. And you can find the List of NJ Online Casinos here. But the city is a quintessential tourist trap. Feel free to stroll through the streets of South Beach, a Miami neighborhood lined with Art Deco buildings, galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars. After dark, the places come alive with the opening of nightclubs and cocktail bars, with vibrant Latin music and DJ sets setting the mood. Then explore the Everglades at your leisure.

Must-see Everglades Park

One of Florida’s most iconic landscapes is the Everglades National Park. A flat landscape, swamps that may seem hostile, but a unique ecosystem in the world. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest American park east of the Rockies, with approximately 600,000 hectares. It is a biosphere reserve that is home to many plants but also animals. Birds are present there in large numbers, but also other animals, more than 600 species! Everglades Park allows you to observe a rather rare and unusual cohabitation between alligators and crocodiles: the American alligator and the American crocodile, a real site to see.

The Florida Keys and Key West, one of the most beautiful archipelagos

The Keys are this archipelago of islets located in southern Florida. Reach Key WestMiami’s southernmost island is 166 miles and almost 4 hours by car! It is therefore better to plan to spend at least one night there to really appreciate the place. Along the way, stop at Key Largo, the largest of the islands, where you can find cool spots to snorkel. It is also possible to take a break on Marathon Island and on the beach at Bahia Honda State Park. The color of the water is magnificent. Fun fact, when you get to Key West, you’ll only be 90 miles from Cuba!


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