AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs CROSSES the so-called audit

Arizona Secretary of State Katie hobbs shared his serious concerns about the ongoing ‘so-called audit’ in his state with CNN Jake tapper, noting that activists carrying out the audit did not conform to widely accepted election auditing standards and “created an atmosphere conducive to baking the books.”

Tapper mentioned how Hobbs was being protected by Arizona State Soldiers due to death threats she received regarding the audit. “Do you think Trump putting that shit out there is life threatening?” He asked.

Hobbs replied that she certainly felt “in danger”, that her office had been threatened and that there were armed protesters outside her home. “It’s not going well.”

“So let’s talk about this ongoing ‘fraud’,” Tapper said, noting that “very partisan election liars” were examining the ballots and an observer saw them using black and blue pens. “Your office thinks this is serious,” he said, asking her to explain.

“If you go to a tabulation center, you won’t find a black or blue pen anywhere,” Hobbs said. “You can’t have this colored ink around the live ballots. This can potentially change a ballot. To avoid any mistakes, there are only red pens in these rooms. We alerted early on to a list of safety measures we sent out and said they must be followed when handling these ballots and equipment. “

Hobbs went on to say that his office raised the pen issue early on and complained about it on several occasions, but they “kept ignoring it and doing it.”

“I’m grateful to the platform for bringing up all of our concerns about this so-called audit,” Hobbs said, saying she wanted to highlight “the lack of procedures, the lack of best practices, the lack of whatever this is in place that lend credibility to all the results they produce.

“It doesn’t even closely resemble what you would see in a legitimate post-election audit that attempted to verify election results,” she added. “And we know that they create an atmosphere for baking the books so that they can produce the result they want to produce.”

Tapper thanked Hobbs, adding that he was sorry she received death threats. “No one should have to face this, Democrat, Republican, Independent.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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