American Airlines will resume its flights in Martinique

American Airlines flights between Martinique and the United States will resume on November 6, announced Bénédicte di Geronimo, the country’s Minister of Tourism.

Departures between Miami International Airport and Aimé Césaire International Airport in Fort de France will initially depart on Saturdays before being extended to three times a week from February.


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The winter extension from one to three weekly flights will continue until March 2022, with departures on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Said di Geronimo, “Living in Martinique will certainly convince our American visitors of the reason why Martinique has received” several travel industry awards, “not to mention the two distinctions recently awarded by UNESCO for our skiff boat. unique traditional as well as for the richness of our biodiversity.

Martinique’s enthronement in September in UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere program includes all of the island’s land and sea areas, covering 12.1 million acres. Martinique is one of the 35 biodiversity hotspots in the world, according to UNESCO officials, and “its richness is unique because it includes many endemic species living in rare and threatened habitats”.

The island’s “remarkable” geology also includes 4,583-foot Mount Pelee, rainforests and a shoreline dotted with lush bays, coves and mangroves, UNESCO officials said.

Travelers to Martinique aged 11 or over must provide proof of a negative PCR test result at least 72 hours before departure or a negative antigen test result at least 48 hours before departure .

Unvaccinated visitors must provide a “compelling reason” for visiting the country. Upon arrival in Martinique, travelers will be subject to seven-day isolation and a COVID-19 test at the end of the period.

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