2021 WAN Awards Nomination: Taichung Central Park

Located in the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan’s climate is warmed by the Kuro-Shio, one of the largest ocean currents in the world. The island has a hot and humid tropical climate which counterbalances the mountain range which has a cooler environment.

Central Park’s goal is to bring the outdoors back to residents by creating landscapes where the excesses of Taichung’s climate are reshaped.

The design tools explore the design of the lithosphere – water, topography, soil – combined with the design of the atmosphere – heat, humidity, pollution. A superimposed cartography organizes a landscape palette distributing more comfortable “niches” where natural and artificial tools mix, densify and expand to highlight eleven comfortable seaside resorts.

The atmosphere of the show is accentuated by the resources of the lithosphere which traverse singular routes through recreation grounds, sports grounds and playgrounds.

The park uses a specific language, universal in scope in its ability to articulate issues at different scales. Geographical scale by transforming an airport into an urban landscape; the urban scale by providing unique cultural facilities integrated into a vast public territory; the domestic scale in the porosity between neighborhoods which allows the sharing of recreational opportunities. The interlocking of these levels is a unique achievement.

Client: Taichung City Government, New Construction Office
program: 70ha park inside a new urban development of 250ha / 1ha of photovoltaic field / monsoon rainwater managed on site

Area: 70 ha
Budget: 80.3M €
Execution time: 2011 – 2020

All information on how to participate in the WAN Awards 2021 is here.

We are very happy to offer assistance, so please feel free to email Shakira Browne, Senior Event Manager with any questions at [email protected]

Last year, more than 40 countries participated in the WAN Awards with strong representations from Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific. And we’ve seen some really outstanding interior designs, take a look at last year’s winners here.

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