10 mighty Marvel heroes who were weak

Marvel’s heroes have changed a lot over the years, and much of the reason is due to the changes the comics themselves have gone through. To deal with the biggest threats they face, the heroes also had to gain power. And while some heroes have gone through relatively few power changes, some have grown tremendously from weak to strong over the years.

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This rise in power has made them more entertaining in many ways, but it doesn’t always work exactly as expected. Some characters have become ridiculously overpowered, able to do things that would have been impossible for them before.

ten Daredevil was once an aspiring Spider-Man and now he can beat Spider-Man

Daredevil is one of Marvel’s toughest vigilantes these days, but he hasn’t always been that way. Before he became an unstoppable ninja warrior who defeated everyone regardless of his power level, he was basically a blind Spider-Man with no super strength. He rocked through town, made jokes, and was almost a stereotype in many ways.

Frank Miller changed everything. After his run, Daredevil began racking up victories against people like Spider-Man, Cap, Wolverine, Beast, Hercules, and, more surprisingly, Ultron. His powers haven’t really increased, but his skills are much greater, which has made a huge difference.

9 Wolverine’s healing factor has reached incredible levels

Wolverine riddled with bullets

There was a time when Wolverine’s healing factor was good, but it was nowhere near the level it is now. Even superficial wounds took a while to heal, and the worst wounds required him to rest for long periods of time until they healed. Over the years that changed, as injuries that would have killed Wolverine in the past became easy for him to survive.

Wolverine has always been a tank, but now it’s a little silly. He can regenerate even though he’s a skeleton, and almost any wounds he’s suffered heal quickly. This made him more useful in many ways, but it also took the danger out of his stories.

8 Archangel ceased to be useless

Angel was an unnecessary member of the X-Men. He had wings and hollow bones, and that was it. He wasn’t much help in a fight, and his wings were huge targets. Finally, he lost them. However, he was saved by Apocalypse after attempting to kill himself, which turned him into an Archangel, Death Rider, and eventually began to be useful in a fight.

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With powerful metal wings, Angel was faster and able to fire poison-coated bladed darts. It made him much better in a fight and also gave him an interesting story after years of being in the background.

7 Deadpool never used to win fights

Deadpool Black White Blood Allred

Deadpool is known to be funny and ultra-violent, but there was a time when he was best known for his lost fights. At first, Deadpool was a villain, which meant he lost all of his fights, and his healing factor – now known as one of Marvel’s best – wasn’t as powerful as he is now.

Deadpool became more than cannon fodder after his first solo book in the mid-90s. Until then, he had a villain’s winning-and-losing record. He was a cool visual and kind of a credits one to begin with, but he would improve tremendously over the years.

6 Captain Marvel has gone from being a glorified sidekick to one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is known as one of the most powerful Captain Marvels, but it took her a while to get there. After gaining her powers, she became Ms. Marvel, and while she was certainly no slouch, she was far from what she had become. In fact, his powers have gone through periods of massive boom and bust throughout his career.

First, she lost her powers to Snape, then gained greater energy while manipulating powers as a binary before losing them and reverting to her elders. From there, her powers began to increase until she reached her current level.

5 Hulk is much stronger than he once was

The Hulk Ryan Ottley

One of the hallmarks of the Hulk’s existence is change – his power level being the most important thing that has changed. While the Hulk was never exactly “weak,” there was a time when he wasn’t the strongest being on the planet. Like many newbie heroes in the Silver Age, the Hulk was strong for this period. However, its power grows tremendously over the years.

The Hulk didn’t have the infinite strength potential he has now, and his starting strength level was also much lower. He was certainly strong, but he wasn’t the all-powerful monster that breaks the world, beats the team, and that he is now.

4 Iron Man got better as technology got better

Invincible Iron Man 600 Blanket

Iron Man’s power growth is pretty much a given. His first armor was a primitive costume created with whatever was given to him by the terrorists who captured him (and Tony Stark is nothing but a tinkerer.) Since then he has modified and improved his armor several times over the years, improving it so much as technology has made it one of the powers of the Avengers.

Iron Man has built a multitude of armors over the years, each more powerful than the next. He also built specialized suits – ones he could wear to deal with threats that his normal armor wouldn’t stand a chance against. As technology has improved, Iron Man’s armor has improved as well.

3 Iceman is basically a god now someday

Iceman from X-Men

Iceman had the greatest shine of the original X-Men. He went from a snowman throwing ice balls to one of the most powerful Omega class mutants on the planet. Iceman has gotten to the point where he can instantly freeze everything and create ice drones that he controls from a distance. His powers give him incredible control over the earth’s hydrosphere and he can easily pass through enemies.

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Iceman’s powers have grown so much that he’s now unstoppable. Even the most powerful heroes and villains find it difficult to beat him. He’s come a long way from the simple sarcastic snowman of the Silver Age.

2 Invisible woman rose from resident maiden in distress to the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four

Thanks to Stan Lee’s shoddy writings on women, Invisible Woman was once the toughest member of the Fantastic Four. Even the writers who came after Stan maintained his poor characterization, and it wasn’t until Jim Shooter took over as Marvel’s editor that things changed.

that of John Byrne The Fantastic Four run saw Sue gain strength and become the most powerful member of the team. Now it’s weird to think that there was a time when she wasn’t the powerhouse of the team. Her control over invisible energy makes her the most powerful offensive and defensive threat of the Fantastic Four, and few enemies in the party can handle her when she’s angry.

1 Scarlet Witch’s power levels have increased dramatically

Scarlet Witch is known as one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes, but it wasn’t always so. Before it was revealed that her powers allowed her to manipulate reality itself, Scarlet Witch’s power altered base probability. It would manifest “hexagonal spheres” which would disturb the laws of probability in a field located around it.

It was a pretty useful power, but that was just the start. Her power level has been steadily increasing over time – to the extent that she can do just about anything she wants now. She is now an expert witch and able to change the world at will.

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